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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Your customers can access their webmail and account settings right on the portal homepage. They can also customize the homepage with drag-and-drop module, adding RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds and more.

Drive Traffic - Earn Revenue

Add search the web and custom site search functionality through our partnership with Google and start earning revenue. All you have to do is drive traffic to the portal. Ask a Localtoolbox professional about revenue opportunities on your site.

Mobile Portal

Our new mobile platform connects you to customers. They can browse local news, classified, photos and events right from their phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Visitors can submit local content

Our mobile product allows contributors to post local classifieds, events and photos directly from their smart phone.

Need to search the web?

Google search via mobile is at your fingertips.

Easy access

Accessing the mobile platform is and easy as going to the community portal homepage. iPhone users will be given the option of viewing the mobile site or the full community portal. Other smartphone and tablet users will be directed to the mobile platform automatically.

Social Media Integration

Localtoolbox will integrate your existing social media feeds into your portal. When you update your Facebook or Twitter accounts, your portal will automatically display your most recent posts.

Feature Promotions Tool

Make your customers and market aware of new offers, updates and special features through dynamic banner space displayed prominently on the portal. The Feature Promo Tool allows you to keep offers current or run promotional campaigns with a few simple steps.

Local Content

Our portal platform allows you to partner with local groups, such as chambers of commerce, schools, etc. giving them access to publish in the local sections of the site. You can also open up the portal to UGC (User Generated Content) allowing the anyone in the community to publish news items, calendar events, classified ads and photos. All UGC runs through an editor at Localtoolbox to ensure appropriateness or you can edit the content yourself.

Corporate Content Management Tool

Our corporate content publishing system enables you to get rid of your old corporate site or integrate it with the portal. You can easily update your content, such as customer notifications, special offers and promotions at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. No more waiting for a webmaster to update your content.

Google Search

Add a search box to your portal that will allow visitors to search via keywords. They can perform their search on your portal or a web search on Google.

Customizable Local Weather

Display your community’s up-to-date weather information on your Localtoolbox portal.

TV Guide and Tribune Television Listings

Give your customers quick access to program listings with Localtoolbox’s easy-to-read TV Guide and Tribune Television Listings.

Top National and International News

Your customers will look to your portal for their one-stop shop for all top news reports.

Entertainment and Sports News

Support your customer’s favorite shows and sport contests with up-to-date news in Entertainment and Sports.

Online Games

Show your customers the leading online games through your Localtoolbox portal.

WatchTV Everywhere

Coming Soon.